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Subcontract and Prime Manufacturing

The Work Activities Areaprovides work opportunities within the Center including subcontract work and prime manufacturing of ceramics. This area encourages participants to develop desirable work habits.

The diversified programs that have been put into place over the past several years work well to meet the needs of all of the participants. The sessions allow for personal choice in activities as well as to provide for enough time in each area to allow for meaning and productivity.

The work activities are as follows:

Sub-Contract Areas: The Sub-Contract area is divided into two separate areas. When contract work is available, two areas work together, having as many people work on any aspect of the job as possible. The types of jobs performed are mailings and light assembly and packaging. Alternative activities such as practicing work skills have been put into place when contract work is not available.

Prime Manufacturing:  Area supervisors work with individuals in creating ceramic pieces for sale. Participants are assessed and trained according to their ability to work the slip machine, pour molds, load and operate the kiln, clean bisque and green ware, stain or glaze the product and re-fire products in the kiln. Ceramic sales are established in advance, and an inventory of a specified product line is built to meet projected sales.