Department for Persons with Disabilities
A Catholic Charities Agency in the Diocese of Paterson
Providing Help...Creating Hope
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Vision Statement

Our vision for the Department for Persons with Disabilities is for it to be:

  • Recognized by all as a ministry for people with disabilities where they are fully accepted and loved.
  • A place where families of people with disabilities can feel secure that their son, daughter or relative will receive services from a dedicated staff who embody  the love of Jesus in the world and who sees each person as a gift from God.
  • An effective voice for justice and inclusion of all people with disabilities in society.
  • A convener of other persons to assist in the delivery of services and supports as well as to advocate for full inclusion.

We seek to improve the quality of spiritual, civic, social and economic life for people with disabilities. to do the same on a global level by joining with others who share similar values.