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DPD Gives Thanks to Law Enforcement

For Thanksgiving, the Department for Persons with Disabilities’ (DPD) Fight for the Right Group created and dropped off "Survival Kits" for law enforcement officers. Fight for the Right is volunteer group of individuals who happen to have intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Through the years, they have led numerous initiatives including; food drives, pet product drives, companionship for individuals living in nursing homes, care packages for our troops overseas, and many other philanthropic endeavors.

To show their gratitude for law enforcement the group made hundreds of these survival kits which included pictures, candies and messages of encouragement.  Each kit included: 

LifeSavers: "to remind them of the many times they have been one"

Smarties: "to give them wisdom for those split-second decisions"

Starburst: "for the burst of energy that they need"

PayDays: "because we know they aren't in it for the money"

Hershey’s Kisses: "to show our love"

Gum:  "to help everyone stick together"

Tootsie Rolls: "to help them roll with the punches"

York Peppermint Patties: "to help them keep their cool"

Snickers: "to help keep their humor"

And Mounds Bars: "for the mounds of courage that they show each day"

The group is led by People Need Friends Volunteer Ana Philhower and Jenn Minervino.  Both of these women donated many hours of their time to help make this endeavor a success.  

Fight for the Right visited the Jefferson Township Police Department, Sussex County Police and the State Police Office in Augusta.   "I appreciate the time and effort that went into assembling the 'survival kits' and the very creative and inspiring poem.  In times like we are facing today, this expression of thanks comes at a very appropriate time," said Sheriff Michael F. Strada of Sussex County.